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Support for the work of STAUNCH to date has been remarkable but if we are to continue to effectively challenge the decimation of our countryside, preserve the environmental integrity of the Upper Nene Valley and protect the community interests of its villages from inappropriate, unsustainable over commercialisation, we desperately need your help. To that end, we have set up a fighting fund.

The most expensive cost to the campaign is legal advice. In order to mount a solid defence, we need to call upon the best planning advice available – and it doesn’t come cheap.

We can win this battle but we can’t do it with good intentions alone

Our fundraising target reads like a very big number….. but it is eminently achievable!

Thankfully online donations have already reached several hundred pounds. You make you own donation with a credit card using the button below. The process is entirely safe and secure.

Alternatively, donations can be made by cheque at the shop. Simply pop your donation into an envelope and drop it off at the shop in the collection box on the counter.

All donations, large or small, will make an enormous difference and are hugely appreciated.

Please contact Genny Snowdon or Iain Scotland at if you would like to discuss our work and fundraising sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you.

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