Please Submit an Objection

We hate to keep banging on about it but this is incredibly important. There are only a few days left for you to submit your objection to the massive proposed warehouse development on the Castle Manor farm site. The deadline is Saturday 12th March.

We can win this but numbers are important and we need as many people as possible to submit an objection. The more people the better. We know it must seem like a bind – especially with so many other things going on in the world right now – but once the land around Titchmarsh has been gobbled up, there’s no bringing it back. We must mount a defence of our village and our way of life.

Please take a moment and consider putting your objection in writing. You can submit it in either of two ways:

  1. Online via the “Comments” tab on the North Northants website – here **.
  2. Email to this address:

In both instances you will be required to provide your name and address – but these details are redacted from your submission. No one will know it’s you!

Use the following reference in all your communications: NE/22/00151/FUL.

We can win this. They will listen to our objections. It is not a done-deal.

The advice we’ve received suggests our case is very strong against the development – but in terms of public objections, numbers are important. Please don’t hesitate or take things for granted. Send in an objection today!

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