North Northamptonshire Council commits to carbon neutral 2030 goal

They’ve committed to the date just over six months after voting against a bid to do so

North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 – just over six months after voting against a bid to do so.

The Conservative-run authority has today (Monday) announced its target date for net zero emissions, having declared a climate emergency at a meeting in July.

At that meeting Green councillor Sarah Tubbs proposed a target date of 2030 for net zero carbon, only for ruling Conservatives to vote it down despite defunct predecessor authorities previously agreeing to it.

But now, seven months later, NNC has committed to the target date – much to the delight of the Green Alliance group.

Cllr Emily Fedorowycz (Green) said: “We tried to get the climate and environment emergency amended to set a date of 2030 at the full council in July 2021. However, it was voted down, so we are very glad to see this announcement and are grateful for the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes doing the carbon audit.

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  1. Such an amazing discussion here!

    Northampton shire County Council is committed to leading the way to achieving a carbon neutral 2030 goal. We are taking a number of steps to reduce our carbon footprint and to transition to a low carbon economy.
    We are committed to investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures as well as introducing green transport initiatives.
    We are also committed to engaging with our local communities to understand their views and needs and to ensure they are involved in the processes of achieving our carbon neutral 2030 goal.

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