What can I do to stop the proposals, or to help the campaign?

  1. Write a letter of objection to the North Northamptonshire Council’s planning committee once a planning application arrives.
  2. Attend village meetings, which will be called as soon as any planning application arrives, so North Northamptonshire councillors can hear your views
  3. Sign up for email updates, and put up a poster in your window (you can download one at www.staunchcampaign.org)
  4. Join the STAUNCH Facebook community:
  5. Write to local politicians to express concern about the proposals, to urge them to ensure that the community is fully consulted, and to ask for their help and support in turning any applications down.

Please be concise, and polite: remember that our local politicians are not proposing warehouses near Titchmarsh; developers are!

Our three councillors for Thrapston ward (which covers Titchmarsh, and both the development sites) are Councillors David Brackenbury, Wendy Brackenbury and Geoff Shacklock (all Conservative):




It is also a good idea to lobby the recently-appointed leader of the new North Northamptonshire Council, Councillor Jason Smithers, who is a councillor for the neighbouring ward of Oundle:


Our MP, Tom Pursglove (Conservative, Corby and East Northamptonshire):


Let us know if you have any specialist skills, and/or any spare some time to help us. We particularly need anyone with journalism, social media, highways, transport, legal, planning or surveying experience.

Please email info@staunchcampaign.org if you can help us.