How will these proposed developments affect Titchmarsh?

Apart from the loss of green space, biodiversity, countryside views, and the possible loss of  footpaths near both sites, there are concerns about more traffic on the A605 (which is already often gridlocked at peak times), the A14 and in and around Thrapston, and that more lorries will pass through Titchmarsh on their way to and from the two sites. There are also concerns about flooding (given that Polopit sometimes floods and is only a few metres away from the Castle Manor Farm site), more air pollution, and more noise pollution, on top of the existing “Thrapston hum” from warehouses and factories on the Haldens Parkway site, more light pollution from floodlights.

A particular concern is the impact on the Titchmarsh Nature Reserve, otherwise known as the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits, which lies just a few metres to the west of the Glebe Land site. The nature reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), is described as a “valuable resting and feeding conditions for more than 20,000 wintering waterbirds, especially ducks and waders”, and has been designated as a  “Ramsar” Wetland site, of international importance (see

No-one is opposed to all new development in the area. But this is the wrong place for a huge logistics park. While it might create new jobs, this is an area of high employment so workers would be likely to come by car from a long distance away, only adding to traffic and pollution problems.